Welcome back classmates.

You may notice some people listed didn't make that walk through the "cow pasture" with us that beautiful day back in June 1999.... but whatever, they were our classmates at some point and I've listed them anyway. If I've forgotten someone, please let me know so they can be tracked down and added :) Thanks.

I also wanted to stress the fact that this blog is a work in progress. I'm gradually getting pics and links and random info so I will update it as I can.....I need the help of others to share these things...but its getting there. At some point I'm hoping to get pics and stories of us as little kids online, which is why there are some random schools listed on various pages. If you have pictures or stories or whatever to share let me know, you can post it yourself or email the stuff to me. fallmtn99@gmail.com

Friday, July 4, 2014

15 year reunion

Short post....I think this might still be "private" thanks to the schools shootings :/ but just in case: our 15th reunion is SaturdayJuly 12 at 6pm....comment to get the details :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reunion Pics

I know I promised not to include bad pics..... I might have lied :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Amy Kimball

Aaron Hawthorne

Allyson Baker

Allison Webb

Adam Kohler

Amanda Holt

Amanda Lyman

Is married and has 3 kids.


Aaron Aiken

Not married. No kids. Got my batchelors in IT (not doing anything with it) at Washington and Jefferson College. Currently I work as an LNA @ DHMC in the ICU and I am an EMT-I for the Charlestown Ambulance.

Amie O'brien

Amie is currently head bartender at the American Legion post #37 in Bellows Falls. She, her boyfriend Travis and their son Derek (3) live in Chester, VT.

Ajlan LaRock

Single. Boo, No Prospects :) Got my BA from UNH in musical theatre. Lived in NY, national tour. 3 years as singer/dancer on cruise ship. Now living in Portsmouth getting my masters in early childhood special education and teaching preschool.


Anna Symonds

Alana Olmstead

Living in California

Allison Thompson


Ashley Pratt

Since high school she has been somewhat local, living in Vermont for a bit and here and there through out the FM towns. She, and her boyfriend Chucky Hall, have currently settled down at her Mom's house in Langdon. She was a manager at Dunkin Donuts until their daughter Claire was born and is now working at the Drewsville Store.


Becky Ide

Beth Staples

She spent a lot of time working at Jiffy Mart in Charlestown and Walpole and worked for a while as a veternarians assistant. She left Charlestown to live in Australia but has moved back to our neck of the planet. Last I knew she was working at the Walpole Tavern and she and her boyfriend JD Martin where living in Walpole (right now she's in the process of moving).

Bethany Graves

Bethany Lawson


Becky Bashaw

Beth Spadaro

married, no kids. Teaching 2nd grade. It's good! I have a puppy- Maddie, which is practice for my kids, I guess. Tell Ian I'm not living in a trailer with 20 kids....he predicted that! I'm not yet anyway :)


Chris Swain

Christy Mullane


Corey Gordon

Craig Richardson

I went off to SUNY Cobleskill in New York. Met my wife Christina who is an Albany native. We lived in Albany for 3 years then moved back to Charlestown in February 2005. We got married in September 2005 and have lived in Charlestown ever since.


Chauncey Hutton

Dan Eaton

Dan Peletier


Derek Rudolph

Dan Newton

Danelle Phibrook

Dawn Fowle

Duncan Blaine

Darcie Hatford

Emily Smith

Erica Fisk

Erica Stupka-Fisk

After graduation I went on to undergraduate school and graduated in 2003 from Keene State College with a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Clincial Counseling. For the next year I worked as a Title 1 Reading and Math Tutor at the Sarah Porter and Alstead Primary Schools. After that I moved to Connecticut for three years where I completed my Masters in Social Work Degree with a concentration in casework from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. While in Connecticut I worked in various positions at the local school district for a year and the next two as the Education Coordinator and a Casemanager for a local family homeless shelter. After graduation I moved to Wilder, VT where I began working as a Child and Family Therapist for the Clara Martin Center, a community mental health agency serving Orange County, Vermont. In February of 2008 I started working at the Division of Children, Youth and Families in Claremont as the Foster Care Worker for their catchement area. I am still there and loving it.

As far as the more personal part of my life, I met my husband the summer we graduated high school and we got married in October of 2007. We don't have any children, but plan on buying a home and starting a family next year.


Erin Lester


Geoff Robbins

Greg Bacon JR


George Nutting

Ian Flemming

I play guitar. Have kids that I don't know about. And I like things. A lot of things. Beth's a liar. I know she has 20 kids!

Isaiah Tuthill

Jason Winter

John Kenney

Jeremy Precourt

Jeremy Honeycutt (not Precourt.....long story)

Jeremy didn't graduate with us thanks to some "helpful" ex-FM faculty. He ended up getting his GED and going on with his life. He spent a short time delivering for Athens, then worked as a machine operator at the Book Press in Brattleboro. When they closed down in 2000 he went on to work at C&S. He spent 7 years there until he left to work for Green Mountain Rail Road in North Walpole and Bellow Falls. He will be transferring up to the RR's Newort VT facility in May 2010. He currently lives in North Walpole with his wife Nina (St. Sauveur) Honeycutt and their 2 daughters Ashtyn (3) and Taylor (1).

Jennasys Pellerin

Jennasys Porter

I went to Keene State College, got an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. So basically its a degree in either "everything" or "nothing". I worked retail through college and until 2006 when I had my first daughter. Now I'm a stay at home mom with 2 daughers Taylor (3 years) and Rylie (10 months). Oh yah..... I married Tony Porter in 2005 and we live in Acworth, NH.

Jennifer Meier

It has been an eventful 10 years for me. I have been married (to Charlie Bailey) for 9 years. We have 3 sons and 1 daughter; Jordan is 7, Ava is 5, Brady is almost 4 and Beckett is 18 months. We are an Army family, so we've pretty much moved all over the U.S. and now we've been living in Germany for 2 years. I spent the first 5 years of the last 10 working on my degree... life happened, kids came, my husband got injured in Iraq and I stopped going to school sometime after that. Someday my massive amounts of credits from 4 different state schools will add up to a degree... timing hasn't been right and I am cool with that. I guess you can call me a stay-at-home Mom, but I prefer to consider myself as the logistics chief of a household of SIX!!!

Jeremy Strate


Jeremy Tenney


Jessica Putnam

Engaged to Chris Swain The couple lives in Langdon.


Jessie Shand

Jessie Proulx


Jon Clark


Joshua Ash


Jason Leahy

Justin Gallion

Jay Brooks


Selling cars....who needs one!!!!??! Gotta sell something :) Durand Toyota Ford

Julie Martin


Justin Blaine

Joel Snelling

Currently single. No kids. Working in automotive detailing and I currently spend time investing. I'm still living in Charlestown. I hope to move to Colorado within the next 3 years.


Jeremy Anderson

Joe Aldrich


Jonathan Kangas


Jessica Barth

Josh Curtis


Jim Ferriera

Joanne Mitchell

Joanne Grove


Josh Watson

Not married. No kids. Currently doing commercial diving. I make a decent living so any single ladies........ here's my number... (sorry...you'll have to find his number on your own)

Kathy Davis

Single but steady for 5 years. 3 kids- 2 girls, 1 boy. Clean houses by day, stripper by nite. Going to school to work in a lab.

Karen Desmarais

Karen Baker

Married Scott Baker. They live in Claremont and just had a baby boy, Colton, a few days ago.

Congrats Karen and Scott!

Kurth Bemis

Not married. No kids (that I know of). I owned an internet company and a computer store in Vermont, which closed in 2007 (it was time to stop, I was going crazy) Now I'm working as an independant consultant working in many areas of computing, web start ups and many other things. Living in the Springfield area. Still breathing.


Killy Bascom


Kathryn Paige

Kristin Kinder

Kricket Fellows

Kricket Fellows McCusker


Kyle Jarvis

No wife, no kids. Journalist by trade... check out the Claremont Villager (shameless plug). 10 year plan....be no where near America. Good luck everybody...except for you Mike, you smell like your dad's dirty underware.


LT Poland

Luke Lucier

Not married. No kids. In US navy for 5 years. I live in Bangor ME. Lovin life and ready to leave New England once again.
PS Turned Gay

(....I'm pretty sure that the "PS" was a joke.....)


Lucas Anderson

Mark Brannon

Maggie Haas


Mara Sullivan

2003 UMASS Amherst ~ BA
2008 PRATT ~ MS Interior Design
Working for Pier Head Associates, LTD in NYC.
Single. No kids. Drinking problem. Just kidding :)
Live in Brooklyn, NY.


Maggie Shaw


Matt Kmiec


Mellissa Hayman

Mike Jenkins

Single. Pregnant. Pappa don't preach! I'm in trouble!
BA University of Maine
Skeet Skeet

Meganne Blaine

Matt Lockhart

Marcel Boucher

Mike Sykie

Mike Kercewich

Mike Rodrigues

Monica Boobar


Matt Grysko

Matt Durnford

Matt Parker


Mike Weaver

I have not equaled a piss hole in a snow bank, but I have had a shit ton of fun. Best wishes to all.
PS My weiner is 13 inches long. That's fucking huge!

Miranda Crowe

Single mama to Hayden(2). Living the "hippie" and "crunchy" life in Burlington VT. Working as a nanny and just finished my BS in natural health & holistic nutrition.


Nina St. Sauveur

Since high school I haven't moved far...Claremont, Gilford VT, Charlestown and now in North Walpole.....until next summer when we move to Brownington VT. I spent most of 99-03 going to lots of concerts and trying to visit every inch of road in the US.....I'm not done yet..... I had a million different crap jobs until 2001....I spent 4 1/2 years at C&S as a selector in Brattelboro, VT. I "re-met" Jeremy Precourt while at C&S fell in love and what not and a while later we decided to get married and have babies and all that. So I quit C&S and worked for Rymes heating in Keene until we had Ashtyn (our oldest daughter) in April 2006. I stayed home with her until she was 10 months old and then took a job at a local daycare center where I brought Ashtyn to work with me as well as went to school to become an LNA (which I didn't really end up doing anything with, same as my EMT license....which sucks). I left the daycare the following June and now run my own daycare at my house. Last September we had our second and youngest daughter Taylor. Since having her I've been participating in and hosting a lot of fundraisers for Shriners Hospitals for Children as well as a lot of other children's/family charities.




Nikki Beauschesne

Nick Brown


Nik Pleisch

Married. No kids...(but 2 golden retrievers!) Right now living in Lompoc, CA but that's temporary (as is every living arrangement for the next 15-20 years) My wife and I are both in the Air Force. I'm in finance and she's and Aerospace Engineer. I'm half way through my MBA at Auburn University. Got my BBA at Michigan in Ann Arbor. We hope to get stationed in Europe at some point.


Nate Simmonds

Nate Hanson

Noah Tuthill

Nichole Reinhart

Ocatilla Mueller

Ocatilla Sieber


Patrick Donovan


Paige Gesick


Rick Royce

United Natural Foods Distributor part-time. Male exotic dancer at night. I knew after highschool that I needed to get my artistic abilities into the limelight... So I dance for money at a few local hot spots. In my spare time I have invented the internet.


Ryan Lawlor

He graduated from UNH with a degree in Civil Engineering. Worked as an engineer for JSN in Portsmouth for a year. Hated cubicle life so, decided to become a high end carpenter. Married Jessica Reed in 2005. They bought a house in Cambridge, Vermont. He now works for Tom Moore Builders as a project major/designer. They have a one year old son whose name is Owen. They are currently working on building an addition to our house.

Rob Calkins


Rick Sweeney

Rodney Campbell


Samantha Baldasaro

Samantha Aubin

Married Shawn Aubin (not from Fall Mountain) We have a 5 year old son, Owen and a baby girl on the way. I work at UNFI (Natural & Organic food distibuter), I've been there for 7 years. All is good! Finally....


Seth Normandin

Sara Weber


Sara Westberg

Sarah Holmes

Graduated UNH in 2003 where I majored in Political Science. Currently working for Senator Gene Shaheen. Living with my boyfriend in Dover NH. No kids. Just living the dream. Good times. I've been working in government since 2007.


Shana Farer-Feld


Shannon Nichols

Currently engaged and has a 6 weeks old daughter named Lilly. They are currently living in Oregon.


Sonya Moore

Sonya Eigabroadt Moore


I went out and joined the Army National Guard. I tried to go to UMASS but that didn't quite work out. I have two wonderful children, Bryson (8) and Kyla (6). I live back with my parents in North Charlestown after getting divorced. I work at SCA and I help my parents out at their store (Our Place General Store) in North Charlestown. Things are great now!


Stacy Labarre


Susan Kohler

Sam Putnam

2 kids, Ajlyn and Wesley

Scott Cousino

Sarah Mullane

Sarah Mullane Powell


Shane Brown


Solanyita Contreras

Sean Brown

Thom Burroughs


Married. Divorced. NO KIDS! Been making porn since 1999! Currently on porn#499. My porn name is Cheif Shortbone. Look me up in your local videoshop.

Todd Davis